Be Smart - Be Warm - Chill Killer

Medical Experts Agree

Medically Proven to keep you warmer

Medical experts did a study of 15 people: Those wearing no Chill Killer, those with it on, and those with it on and the hand warmers in the pockets

The test was performed in 12 degrees Farenheit, and after 23 minutes of exposure to the elements.

They tested their dexterity, reaction time, gross motor strength, and comfort levels.

The group that did have on the Chill Killer, with the hand warmers installed, performed the best overall.

Reaction Time - Chill Killer
Grip Strength - Chill Killer
Peg Test - Chill Killer


Chill Killer is made of highly insulated, warmth generating, durable material.

The Chill Killer provides exceptional insulation and wind blockage with an added feature that allows readily available warming patches to be inserted into the pockets inside.

Patent Pending